Horoscope: 11 August 2015


Adverse day marked decrease in vitality and the desire to go with the flow. You cannot relax. Try to keep the initiative in their hands. Exacerbation of self-preservation instinct generate selfishness and ruthlessness in clarifying the relationship with the people around you. It must be remembered that the cause of all the failures must be sought above all in himself. Treat yourself critically. 

Auspicious day marked by the rise of vitality. Started business will be successfully completed. You can benefit greatly from communicating with business partners, but only under the condition that will be tactful and courteous. 

There are errors in the assessment of partners. Give up their tempting offers that will bring only losses. Professional activities will require more effort than usual. Clearly and thoroughly thought-out plan and tactics for this day. In the privacy of personal critical stars you do not predict. 

This day gives you an opportunity to curb the passions of pride and self-esteem. Listen to the advice and needs of the older generation. Recommended repentance, admit their mistakes and shortcomings. Avoid high tone in dealing with children. Under these conditions, you can keep the peace and comfort in the family. 

It is undesirable to make hasty decisions, you should lie low and wait. You should not get attached to anyone or anything. Despite minor troubles, your health will be good. Talk with your loved one will save you from psychological stress. 

Encounter obstacles, misunderstandings in the service. You may even feel unhappy. There may be disagreements with the children. Your visit to the doctor may be unpleasant, as the diagnosis will be for you a complete surprise. 

Today you will have a great opportunity to act, while remaining in the shadows, to expose the secret plans and plots against you. Perhaps you will be satisfied with the work done. But remember that anger and aggression will harm you in the first place, it is said to feel unwell. 

Favored to change jobs, residence, and familiar environment. These news can change your attitude toward the people around you. Increased thirst for new experiences will affect your personal life. You may find yourself in a difficult situation of choosing between your desires and duty. 

Today, listen carefully to the proposals from the management and the opinions of their colleagues. Able to successfully negotiate and conclude profitable deals. In the afternoon, it is likely a pleasant surprise and unexpected news that a positive impact on your life. In personal relationships scheduled shift for the better. Do not miss the opportunity to correct their mistakes. 

The efforts at work may be in vain. This day will test you for fighting qualities, wisdom and self-control. Mistakes can cost you dearly. Try to show the wisdom and compassion to the people around you. 

You hardly enter into a working rhythm. The probability of depression and nervousness. You'd better collect my thoughts, and life itself will tell you the right way out of problems. In the afternoon, cancel all visits, take the time to sleep. 

A successful day. What would you take, you will be successful. Auspicious day to go to a new job, review the business relationship. Perhaps transactions concluded earlier, will not seek and will bring considerable income. If you wish, spend the evening of that day somewhere outside the home, for example, have friends who have recently persistently invite you to yourself and do not hope to meet.