Hooliganism In The Name Of Religion Will Not Be Tolerated: Bengal CM


Kolkata: Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday gave a stern warning to those who are indulging in hooliganism in the name of religion. From the the administrative review meeting held today at South 24 Parganas, she said “This is not Bengal’s culture and will not be tolerated.” The CM instructed the SPs of all districts to take appropriate action.

CM further added“Did Lord Ram ever said that armed rallies with pistols and swords should be organised in his name? We have read in our scriptures that Ram fought against Ravan with a bow and arrow. Some hooligans are trying to give Lord Ram a bad name. Should we leave law and order in their hands? Will they run the administration now?”

“Few mustans with pistols, swords, arms, cloths tied around their heads, are doing goondagiri on the roads. This is not Bengali culture. We worship Durga, Kali, Saraswati, Ganapati, Laxmi as well as Basanti. We observe all festivals with peace and harmony. We also celebrate Eid and Christmas.”

“We gave permission for holding peaceful rallies. Everyone is free to practice their religion. But carrying pistols and playing politics in the name of Ram will not be tolerated. No one has the right to go to the neighbourhood of a different community and kill someone.”

“I would ask the administration to take strong action against those who carried arms. Some people are opening organisations with religious names and doing business in the name of religion. They are bringing shame to their religion. Ramakrishna Mission, Bharat Sevasram Sangha, Gangasagar – these are symbols of Hinduism.”

“Hinduism is universal. People have been following this faith for hundreds of years. Hinduism preaches love, brotherhood, tolerance. We don’t need lessons in Hinduism from them. What they practise is freak religion; religion of muscle power and goondaism. This is not even politics, which requires service to people and society at large. Politics requires culture, humanism and education. Killing people cannot be a part of politics.”

“What we witnessed yesterday is the handiwork of one party. Today I read in the papers that they carried pistols in their rallies. We saw on TV many people carried swords. Did Lord Ram ever carry a sword? They are importing a new religion (of violence) and dreaming of winning over the entire country. I am sorry to say this, I abhor them. I strongly condemn these actions.”

“The administration has a responsibility. The death of a person in Purulia is akin to the death of my own family member. Whether he was Muslim, Hindu, Sikh of Christian is immaterial. Why would they kill people? They are so afraid that they are hiring goons from outside. Bengal will not tolerate this.”

“I am instructing all SPs to take strong action. Do not spare any wrong-doer. If I come to know that police is colluding with them, I will not spare the police either.People demand justice. They are horrified by yesterday’s events. This is not Bengal’s culture. This will not be tolerated. This is my clear message.”