Hookworm Sucked 22 Lt Blood From Teen


New Delhi: A case study, published recently in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapy by the Gastroenterology department at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, talked about hookworm manifestation and how hookworms could cause immense blood loss. It mentioned a case study about a 14-year old boy who lost as many as 22 litres of blood in just two years due to these hookworms. The case reached the hospital 6 months back when the patient was brought in with two incidents of passing blood with stool. These worms, if not diagnosed early, can cause immense blood loss and complications.

The boy had been suffering from an iron deficiency and anemia for two years and was receiving blood regularly. In a period of two years, he was given 50 unites, that is, 22 litres of blood. A capsule endoscopy procedure using a tiny wireless camera to take pictures of the digestive tract was used for this case. A tiny camera sits inside a capsule which is swallowed by the patient. It revealed that the hookworms had turned red by sucking blood. The white ones had not been sucking any blood and were seen resting quietly in the bowel. The teen went through a treatment for the same and had an improved hemoglobin level of 11gm/dl.

The patient was brought in the hospital due to 2 episodes of passing blood in stool 6 months back.