Honeytrap Racket Busted In Jayrambati, 7 Arrested


Bankura: In a sudden raid, Kotulpur police has busted a honey-trap racket in a private hotel in Jayrambati on Sunday morning. Three male and three female person along with the hotel owner have been arrested in an offensive situation from the hotel.

According to the local source, the honey-trap business is running in the hotel since a long time. Acting on a tip-off, police has raided the hotel on Sunday morning and arrested them.

Bacchu Nag, the hotel owner has been arrested for his intuitional association in the incident. The locals claimed that, Jayrambati has its own aristocracy. Such incident has sparked facet of opinion among the people. The locals have demanded significant punishment for them.

Highlighting a different aspect of the incident, a local Partha Chakraborty allegedly said that, a section of greedy businessman are involved to make their profit out of the illegal affairs.

Honeytrap Racket Busted In Tarapith, 8 Arrested

Talking on the incident, he said that, “It is our responsibility to keep the holiness of a historical and classy place. Administration has to be more careful on this.” he personally talked with the police officials on this issue. The arrested have been produced before Bishnupur Court on Sunday.

A honeytrap has been busted by Tarapith police in August 5. Eight person along with three women have been arrested from the place. The district court has verdict fourteen days jail custody to all of them.

The manager of the hotel has been arrested for his intuitional involvement in this incident. The public prosecutor in this case said, “four men and three women took two hotels to continue prostitution. They found in a illicit state and arrested immediately.

Few days ago of Tarapith incident, another honeytrap racket busted from Suri. Many outside connection came from outside state like Jharkhand and other part of the country. As Tarapith used to be a religious place so it became easier to be an abscond and making any strategic move.