Honeypreet Used 19 Sims In 38 Days Hideout


Sirsa: Police interrogation of Honeypreet, rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter, revealed that she used two different mobiles, three international SIM cards and 16 domestic SIM cards during the 38 days she evaded the police since August 25 Panchkula violence.

Police claim most of her conversation was on WhatsApp to remain untraceable. An official privy to the investigation told HT that although police were yet to recover her communication devices, she has revealed a few mobile numbers she was using.

“We are verifying the call details with help of mobile companies in order to get more details of her role in Panchkula violence,” said an official.  Sources also said that Honeypreet’s accomplice Sukhdeep Kaur too was used at least three-four numbers that Honeypreet was using.

“Sukhdeep’s mobile was recovered on the day of her arrest that gave police a lot of clue about Honeypreet’s hideout in Punjab. Honeypreet was empty-handed when she was arrested,” said sources. Officials also said that the police were also investigating as how Honeypreet sourced different sims.