Honey Trap Gang Busted In TMC Leader’s House, 1 Held


Khejuri: Honey-trap gang busted in allegedly local TMC leader’s house in Khejuri on Wednesday. The villagers raided the house of the alleged grassroots leader. The sensational incident took place in Krishnnagar of Khejuri area.

Not only that, Locals detained a woman in an abusive situation from the house. The people of the area became more excited by this incident.Not only that, the villagers started showing protests by tapping the woman. Local residents alleged that the leader Mangal Maity, was running a business for a long time.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, a woman was beaten by Mangal Maity. After this, the woman was seriously injured. It is known that the woman was admitted to Tamluk district Sadar Hospital. After this, the villagers today went to the extreme fury. On this day villagers raided the house of Mangal Maity and caught a woman from there. However, he is not the wife of the accused claimed Locals.

The villagers dragged the woman and tied a pillar beside the road. After getting the news, the woman was taken to the Hariya police camp. But there is still no statement from the Trinamool. Although the police are investigating the incident. Police has started the operation to catch the culprits.