Homos are Genetically Handicapped: Swamy


New Delhi: BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy on Tuesday said ‘Homos’ are genetically handicapped and claimed it to be the party line. Interestingly Union Law Minister Sadananda Gawda reportedly hinted and then denied scrapping the controversial Section-377, which criminalizes homosexuality.

“I think the law minister was misquoted. Our party position has been that homosexuality is a genetic disorder,” Swamy told ANI. That prompted a Twitter user, Hocus @GentleGawker, to ask: “@Swamy39 Sir, better word is genetic variation. Nothing wrong. Just like tall and short. They deserve all respect.”

The controversial BJP leader’s reply: “@GentleGawker : Issue is not respect. We respect handicapped persons. Homos are genetically handicapped.”

Earlier, Gowda was reported to have said that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government was considering scrapping Section 377, which has been a longstanding demand by the LGBT activists in the country. But he soon denied making the statement, claiming he was misquoted.

On the other hand gay marriage has been recognised in many parts of the world. The US Supreme Court had recently legalized same sex marriage.