Homelessness Of Congress Cadres In Malda


Englishbazar: Prioring to West Bengal Panchayat Election, Malda is on high volt. Malda has been recognised as one of the sensitive and happening zone. Many Congress cadres in Ratua are homeless after TMC terrorised them. Many houses have set in fire.

TMC started terrorising people in Chandmani 2 no area of Ratua after the closing of filing nominations. Congress has filed nomination both in gram panchayat and panchayat samity. Life threatening message terrorising them. But administration remain silent.

মালদায় তৃণমূলের সন্ত্রাসে ঘর ছাড়া কংগ্রেস কর্মীরা

The injured congress cadres are Masidur Rahman, Mohammad Ali Dablu, Congress MP Mausam Noor have raised allegation against TMC for terrorising people. TMC has denied the entire allegation. Police picket has been set in then area after all the scene.