Home Secretary’s Office Yet To Give Permission To BJP’s Rath Yatra


Kolkata: The state BJP has claimed that despite of sending letters twice, the party leaders did not get the opportunity to meet state Home Secretary Atri Bhattacharya yet. As a result, the permission for the saffron party’s Rath Yatra in December is yet to be given. The state BJP leadership is ready to await any signal till November 12 or else they will inform the present situation to the central party in Delhi.

According to a source in BJP, the first letter to the state home secretary was written on October 29 where the request for a meeting on November 5 was sought for. After getting no response, another letter was forwarded where a meeting on November 9 was requested. But no reply has come from the home secretary department.

In this situation, a part of the party wants to move to the Calcutta High Court against the state government. But another part wants to go slow and wait till November 12 because this section of the party does not want to challenge the government.

But what will happen even if they do not get any reply from the government on November 12? According to the state BJP’s general secretary Pratap Banerjee, “The state leadership will inform it to the central party. The party at the centre will decide what will be done after November 12.”

BJP national president Amit Shah will ride the chariot or rath and visit all the 42 constituencies of the Lok Sabha. Amit Shah’s ‘air-conditioned’ rath will visit the Lok Sabha constituencies of North and South Bengal in three phases on December 5, 7 and 9.