Home Ministry bars journalists from meeting senior officials other than spokesperson


New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry today barred journalists from meeting senior officials other than the spokesperson and came out with a set of guidelines on dissemination of information to the media.

Though officially it is “just streamlining” the communication system, the new media guidelines is aimed at ensuring that information leak happens. However, journalists covering the beat are against the order.

An order issued by the Ministry said, “The ADG (Media) will obtain approval of the Home Secretary, wherever required, for release of information to the media.”

The order also said, “The information flow to mediapersons will be arranged in media room no. 9, North Block. Mediapersons will be told by ADG (Media) that they do not have briefing/meeting with officers other than in the media room.”

The order has sent waves of resentment among the journalists covering the Home Ministry. The protested saying that they get access to senior officers on appointment and it was just a gag order.