Holi Recipes That You Shouldn’t Miss Trying Out This Year


It’s that time of the year when Rang barse in Bachchan’s voice will play at every nook and corner of the city. It’s time to get drenched in coloured water and devour mouth-watering delicacies. But what are celebrations without food? In our country food is the soul of all festivals.

Colours magically connect with the emotions and, moods of all human being and eventually make us jovial and happy.

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People celebrate it by smearing colours on each other and then head to the dining area to feast on special Holi food. Holi is incomplete without these traditional recipes. There are many Indian specialities that are made only on Holi, including sweets and snacks with Thandai and yummy savoury snacks.

All recipes made for Holi are enjoyed with great fervor by family and friends.Here are some mouth watering dishes that you can preapare during holi.

Sweet rice: People from southern India prepares the exotic sweet rice and a variety of fruit mixtures along with cold beverages called Sherbets.

Dahi vada: There are savory lentil dumplings made with urad dal and moong dal, this snack is very popular and eaten with mint chutney or curd with red chilli, chat Masala and cumin powder. The sweet, sour and salty taste of this dish is to die for.

Bhaang Ke Pakore: These pakoras are stuffed with bhang and it is a customary dish. It is tasty to eat and is also considered auspicious.

Thandai: The use of Thandai on an occasion like Holi is synonymous. People play with colors in the scorching sun and enjoy the sweet sip of Thandai in between. This deceptively simple looking drink is packed with goodness of milk, dry fruits and spices. Bhaang is occasionally added to Thandai for that intoxicating Holi effect.

Baked Karanji: If you love Gujiya, but stay away from it because it is deep fried, this Karanji or Gujiya recipe is going to be your favourute from now onwards as it is baked and not deep fried. Try out this simple Holi recipe and indulge in your favourite Gujiya guiltfree.