Holding ‘Hand’ CPM Beats TMC in Siliguri


Siliguri: With each passing day an anti-Trinamool platform seems to be taking form in the state, in an interesting turn of the event rivals in the political arena CPM and Congress have joined hand and defeated Trinamool in the Siliguri Municipal Borough Election.

Siliguri Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya has clearly indicated that to stop Trinamool his party CPM is more than willing to join hands with rival congress and BJP.  Showing sign for a prospective anti-Trinamool coalition, left councilors supported Sujay Ghatak from Congress to be elected as the Borough Chairman of Borough number-3 on Friday.

Borough number -3 constituted 10 wards, of which Trinamool won 4 wards, Left Front bagged 4 and Congress won 2 seats. Left Front councilor Snigdha Hazra has been selected as the chairman of borough-1. The Left also maintained its hold on the borough-4, while Trinamool won borough number-5.

The election has clearly indicated the forging of an anti-Trinamool coalition in the state.