Hitler Had Only One Testicle, Reveals German Historian


Berlin: It seems the rhyme about Adolf Hitler having only “one ball” may in fact be true. The Nazi leader’s medical records, long lost, appear to confirm the urban legend perpetuated in school playgrounds for decades.

A German historian claims to have uncovered the results of a medical exam conducted after the future Fuhrer’s arrest in the 1923 beer hall putsch. They show Hitler did indeed suffer “right-side cryptorchidism” – an undescended right testicle.

But the notes by examiner Dr Josef Steiner Brin taken during the check-up at Landsberg Prison say Hitler – described in the records as “an artist, recently writer” – was for the most part “healthy and strong”.

The study of the dictator’s records was conducted by Professor Peter Fleischmann of Erlangen-Nuremberg University.

Its results were released five years after the records were originally uncovered at an auction in Bavaria in 2010, after which they were confiscated by the region’s government.

Professor Fleischmann told German newspaper Bild the records show one of Hitler’s testicles was “probably stunted”. Young men’s testicles are expected to descend from inside the body into the scrotum during childhood.

The theory contradicts a long-standing claim Hitler lost his testicle to shrapnel during the Battle of the Somme in the First World War.

Source: Evening Standard