Hit and Run: Twitterites Shows Mix Response


Mumbai: Salman Khan and his family are finally breathing a sigh of relief as the actor has come out scot free from his 2002 hit and run case. The HC Judge, AR Joshi, in his dictation, stated that the prosecution had failed to establish its case against the appellant-accused (Salman Khan) on all charges, and that all the evidence against the actor is circumstantial and that he cannot be punished on the basis of doubt.

As the verdicts comes out, Twitter also reacts its emotion. Here are some twits:

Shobhaa De:
If Salman didn’t do it, who did? One dead person. Four injured. Surely, someone is guilty?

Anupam Kher:
So happy that @BeingSalmanKhan is acquitted of all charges. Truth Prevails. Even if it takes 13 long years.

Sagarika Ghose :
Lesson from #SalmanVerdict : when you sleep on the pavement, don’t dare dream of justice from India’s courts.

Haimanti Mukherjee:
#SalmanVerdict We deserve the Jungle Raj country we get. Murder people, throw money, stall courts, get acquitted.

Anita Ahluwalia:
My best Birthday Ever… Today calls for a big celebration.. Salman acquitted of all charges. So happy.. #SalmanVerdict @BeingSalmanKhan