Historic Turnout Presumed At Shahid Diwas Rally


Kolkata: The city is gearing up to witness a huge gathering at the 25th Martyrs Day of the TMC Party. Lakhs of people from different districts will arrive at Dharmatala to attend the rally on Saturday. It is being presumed that the huge turnout will make the party etch a place in the history of number of gatherings for a rally.

July 21, 1993, was a day that shook the pillars of democracy in Bengal 18-years ago, when the then Calcutta Police, under Left Front Government mercilessly opened fire and killed 13 innocent activists.

Youth Congress supporters under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, then West Bengal State President of Youth Congress had organized Writers’ Abhijaan (march towards Writers’ Building) in demand that the ‘Voters’ Identity Card’ be made the only valid document to verify voters in order to put a stop the rampant ‘scientific rigging’ gathered at five different points across the city.

The political analysts believe that there will be at least 10 lakhs people attending the event on Saturday.