Hindutva Brigade Targets Joy For Supporting Islam


Kolkata: Celebrity BJP personality Joy Banerjee has been criticized by the so-called hindutva brigade for praising Islam in a public meeting.

Being a state-level public catcher of Bengal BJP said, “I read Koran, I respect Islam.” To convey the importance of that religion he added, “If somebody follow Islam properly then they can live 95 years without any malady.” Such advocacy for Islam led him in a ridiculous situation. Reportedly, many conservative organisations have poked the issue.

BJP had organised a public meeting in Garden Reach of Metiaburuz area. Mukul Roy and Joy Banerjee were present in that meeting. Joy Banerjee also remarked, ” I have been brought up in a muslim area of Park Circus. My bodyguard, driver and managers are musilms. I stay with them and feel comfortable.”

On February 5, the news of BJP’s public meeting was exclusively thrown in Kolkata 24×7.com. After that news many conservative Hindu organisation reacted against Joy’s opinion. Knowing those reactions Joy commnented, “I didn’t utter anything against my conviction. Some concocted my speech.”