Hindu Women Must Wear ‘Shankha-Sindoor’ In Pride: VHP


Kolkata: West Bengal Viswa Hindu Parishad, inflaming the practice of Love Jihad, has directed Hindu women and girls to be cautious of the youths, inspiring a reel life background trying to lure women in love. Aiming such agenda, VHP will organise an awareness campaign on September 21 and 22.

West Bengal Viswa Hindu Parishad media Co-ordinator Sourish Mukherjee said, “we are not rigid on the practice of Hindu married women of wearing Sankha-Sindur (made by conch-shell) but Women must be wary of luring practice of love. We are awaring Hindu girls.”

VHP supporters had distributed a pamphlets to the college students and common people which mentioned not to practice Love Jihad and using Sankha-Sindur as a proud Hindu women which dragged them into the gorge of controversy on several social media platforms.

Explaining the consequences of Love Jihad Mukherjee added that, “We are awaring girls and women they are organising several awareness campaign in large and short scale. Our teams Bajarang Dal and Durgabahini visiting student coaching centres, schools and colleges to talk abouts the ‘dos’ & don’ts’ and outcome of Love Jihad.

VHP people will take road to spread awareness words against Love Jihad.