Hike In Prices Of Bread, Cake & Biscuits Before Christmas


Kolkata: Before Christmas, the West Bengal Bakers’ Association on Saturday has announced 20 percent price hike in the prices of bread, cakes and biscuits in West Bengal from Sunday. The price hike will be discomforting for middle-class people.

Idris Ali, Secretary of Joint Action Committee of West Bengal Bakers’ Association and Trinamool Member of Parliament, said that, price of 400 gm bread would increase by Rs four and would cost Rs 24, on the other hand 200 gm bread would be raised by Rs two and cost rs 12 instead of RS 10 from Sunday and 100g of bread will cost Rs 6.50 instead of Rs 5.50 from Sunday.

“We are compelled to raise the price of bread, cakes, biscuits because of the excessive increase of price of all bakery raw materials. Prices will be increased by 20 per cent. This is the lowest in the country,” Ali said.

The work for Christmas cake has already started. The price hike will put common people in trouble and may deprive many people to get taste of new cakes in Christmas. It is one of the price hike after petrol and diesel in India.