Highway Liquor Ban: Rajasthan Govt To Denotify State Highways


Jaipur: Rajasthan PWD department to designates State Highways passing through populated areas as Urban roads . The state  denotify existing and proposed sections of state highways passing through populated areas  and allow it to become urban roads if a by-pass connects to it.

The move will make such stretches of highways passing through urban or rural areas immune to the recent Supreme Court order.

The government, through the order, intends to make the process of de-notification of state highways a one-time exercise. Under this all roads passing through limits of city, towns, tehsils and panchayats will get de-notified, relinquishing the status of state highways if it is connected through a by-pass.

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The Supreme Court on Thursday modified its order banning liquor vends within 500 metres on national and state highways, reducing the distance to 220 metres in areas having a population of up to 20,000.

The top court expressed its displeasure over the alleged inaction by various states in removing liquor shops along the roads which, they believed, gave rise to drunk driving and consequential fatalities.

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