High Speed, Airbag Failure: Car Specialists Post Examining Bikram’s Mangled Car


Kolkata: A team of 5 specialists belonging to the car manufacturing company Toyota in Chennai is in city on Thursday for the forensic examination of actor Bikram Chatterjee’s mangled car that met with a deadly mishap on the fateful night of 29th April.

The team is inspecting as to why the angular airbags failed to operate while the car crashed, claiming model Sonika Chauhan’s life.

This is the third round of forensic examination of the car, which is kept at the Tollygunge Police station.

The team revealed two results after the inspection. Firstly, the sensor which triggers the action in the car’s circuit to open airbags, failed. This might be attributed to a technical glitch in the car or that both the passengers were not wearing seat belts.

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Toyota car specialists are also frisking records to know the speed at which the car drove that night. Bikram has however claimed that he kept the speed within the limits of 60-70 km/hr. But sources tell a different story of the car being headed at 100 km/hr.

The team will submit the report on the above mentioned findings. The report will assist the police to frame the case accordingly.

Police sources confirmed on Wednesday that Chatterjee admitted that he had drinks during an interview but said it was within limits and he was not intoxicated while driving.

Tollygunge Police also wants to find out whom actor Vikram Chatterjee had called right after the accident that took place on wee hours of April 29. So the call lists of the actor’s phone are under scanner. Not only police wants to know whom he had called but would also want to verify the statement that he made to police along with those people whom he called after the accident.