High Price Market On Lakshmi Puja Worries People


Behrampore: India is a land of festivals. So the preparation of Lakshmi Puja is on full swing. It is a small celebration than Durga puja but almost every households of Bengal celebrates the Kojagori Lakshmi Puja.

From Lakshmi idol to fruits, sweets and other necessary ingredients are highly expensive. Ignorning all the sky-high, people are buying stuffs for the puja.

Forgeting all the financial impediments, common people are buying flowers, sweets, dasakarma ingredients. The picture is same in Behrampore. The rs 90 kg apple is acvailable in Rs 120. Green coconut is available at Rs 30-40, cucumbera at Rs 50-60.

Lotus is mandatory in Lakshmi puja but now its five times expensive than normal time. A small size idol to cost 200-250 rupees.