High-Power Committee Will Probe Majerhat Bridge Collapse


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister has ordered a probe by a “high-power committee” led by chief secretary Moloy De, adding that action will be taken against “those whose negligence caused the disaster”. Kolkata Police, Forensic department and Jadavpur structural Engineers are in the committee.

মাঝেরহাট ব্রিজ বিপর্যয়ের কারণ খুঁজবে হাইপাওয়ার কমিটি

After inspecting the site, Governor Kesari Nath Tripathi said that he had been told that the responsibility for maintenance of the bridge rested jointly with the State PWD and Railways. Matter needs to be inquired into.”

Metro work is going on in the vicinity. Many locals also said that there were vibrations – almost like earthquake – during the construction work. For the last nine years, the work is going on, said Mamata.

Lalbazar forensic officials also examined the collapse site. The forensic group headed by Dr. C Sarkar. Dr. C Sarker, forensic expert of Lalbazar, said, “There is a possibility of damage of Mother Structure after new construction is build near the old structure.”

Minister Firhad Hakim visited the site. He said, “RITES did not properly investigated. The High-power Committee will investigate everything. “