High Demand Of Auto Fare Continues In Bidhannagar, Commuter Turns Furious


Kolkata: The traffic chocked for more than an hour on Tuesday morning at Bidhannagar crossing.The agitated commuters showed protest against the ordeal faced by them due to the regular auto fare hike caused massive traffic jam on the major arterial road of the city.

As per sources, the movement of traffic on the major arterial roads of the city that is connected to VIP road, Hudco crossing , Salt Lake, Sealdah and BT road was slower down following the agitation.

The commuters claimed that the autos on this route demands higher fares every now and then. They often don’t even move an inch until the passenger agrees to pay them more money.Even the traffic police don’t take any action against them. They also added that they had to bear the ordeal everyday during the office hour rush.Therefore, they have started this protest today after a prolonged tolerance.

The passengers said that if the auto fare is Rs 14 they demand Rs 50 for it. And if the fare is Rs 25 or 30 they demand more for that.Hence, this has been taxing on the blood pressure and giving the commuters a huge pinch in their wallet. No voice had reached the administration. Day after day the ordeal is going on continuing.The passengers also complaint that some drivers misbehaves and humiliate them for not paying more money.

As a result this has agitated the common mass. So today they have protested so that their voice can reach the administration. As of now none of any administrative authority or transport minister have commented anything regarding the issue.