‘Hideous Barak’, ‘India My Country’ Unveiled At Press Club


Kolkata: Two books ‘Hideous Barak’ and ‘India My Country’ were unveiled at the Press Club on Tuesday. Both the books have been authored by H.P. Roy Choudhury.

The event was graced by dignitaries like Binod Ghoshal (popular best-selling Sahitya Academy Winning author), DJ Kher (ex-Indian Air Force Wing Commander) and P.K. Mukherjee (former Director General of All India Radio, New Delhi).

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Wing commander Deejay Kher had led the air force and paratroopers of the Indian Army in Dhaka during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war against Pakistan. He shared some of his life-time experiences in the conference.

‘A Hideous Barak’ is about how on the one hand India and Bengal in particular was destroyed by Gandhi doing politics under the cover of a saint in the dress of a half-naked fakir befooling the common people with religion and ‘Non-Violence’ bringing communal violence between Hindus and Muslims and destroyed the country by division and making Hinu and Muslims as the enemy to each other forever but how Barak Valley, such a tiny region of such a big country, played a major role in bringing back Hindu-Muslim unity even after the Partition of India.
‘India, My Country’ describes how the Indians carried out the independence movement through ‘Non-Violence’ under Gandhi and again how independence movement was carried out through the direct war under Netaji’s Azad Hind Force and the contribution of Savarkar and RSS. It further describes the humiliating face of Gandhi illuminated with non-violence, how Gandhi surrendered to Jinnah under threat of Direct Action on 16 August 1946 being carried out only with 2% militant ML, finalising the formation of Pakistan by the partition of India.