Hi Imran, How Are You?


Kolkata: It was sweet as well as crunchy like ‘Calcutta Nasta’. More specifically a ‘secret
love’. Such description will bring two names in one frame, actress Mummun Sen &
Imran Khan.

But what is bringing them in the headline in 2018 is the question which matters
most ! The ‘King Khan’ and future Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s victory
is penetrating in many layers, how an she keep herself mum in such a situation. So
the silence of one woman became the subject of discussion.

They were known as the goofy couple of late eightees. Imran Khan and Munmun Sen
used to be the ‘Love Birds’ which didn’t wrap up with an aftermath. Zeenat Aman was
also in the speculation list. But the border issue became the major impediment in
their relationship. Soon after this, Benazir Bhutto had also been included in the
alleged affair list of Imran Khan.

Actress Munmun Sen and cricketer Imran Khan took active role in politics with
growing time. Still they are one of the most discussed couple which carry a never
ending urge to unfold its many layers.

A part of people used to say that they were still connected even after closing
their realtionship. Now its a matter of gossip which has turned into a storyline.

The actress, who has remained silent for a long time, has battled against all
political odds to keep mum on this issue, will speak now? The question remains that
is Munmum set to send her silent message amidst this rain-drenched season to Imran?

Now its a wait to get face to face in any official tour where Imran will be asked
“Hi Imran how Are You?”