Here Is The ‘Air-Conditioned Rath’ Of BJP For Rath-Yatra


Kolkata: The most-awaited and glamarous Rath-Yatra of BJP is all set to begin its journey as the Rath has arrived the City of Joy from Delhi. For the first-half of the Rath-Yatra in Cooch Behar, the rath has started its ride towards Siliguri. The modern, well decorated Air-Conditioned bus is BJP’s Rath. Amit Shah and other leadership of BJP will take a tour to all 42 seats in West Bengal by this.

The party’s 40-day long Ganatantra Bachao Yatra (Save Democracy Rally) — starting December 7 — across the state.

Three raths — air-conditioned buses — will travel across the state and converge in Kolkata in the second half of January. The buses will carry senior BJP leaders, including more than a dozen chief ministers from BJP-ruled states. The itinerary was tweaked to suit the schedule of Amit Shah.

State BJP secretary Raju Banerjee went to Cooch Baghar on Wednesday to supervise the ground from the party side. He also checked the backside ground and railway ground in New Cooch Behar.

The Cooch Behar Rajbari adjacent ground might be used for party meeting during that time. He said that, they will seek for the permission for the threee ground.”

In this case, BJP has blamed TM C-government, for trying to delay their works and schedules. The party also facing problem in securing their place for party meeting in Cooch Behar. Initially the party leadership of West Bengal has chosen few places which have been occupied on game purposes.

On the other hand, they have chosen the Rajbari adjacent field as their party place which is under Archeological Survey of India. So they may face a less-troubled experience in this regard.

Many people are saying that the Air-conditioned bus has been brought from Uttar Pradesh. Shiv Shena leader, once in BJP, said that ‘who are not able to arrange a bus, should not take charge of West Bengal.

Ashok Sarkar has posted the pictures on facebook stating that the bus is carrying a number plate of Uttar Pradesh. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also been trolled in retaliation of this incident that the chopper CM Mamata avails is made in West Bengal. That also comes from Delhi. Are Bengal and Delhi situated in different country ?

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