Helpless Cries From Beneath Collapsed Majerhat Bridge


Kolkata: Helpless cries of people trapped under the debries of the collapsed
Majerhaat bridge, are the only thing can be heard at the site.

A small hole has been created in the collapsed portion of the bridge to look for
trapped victims. It is being reported that those who used to live under the bridge
are still trapped.

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A member of the rescue team said that there was a temporary sleeping place beneath
the bridge. Two workers are reportedly trapped where rescue work could not reach
too. Massive rescue operation has been launched to bring them out as soon as

Rains and the evening nearing, the rescue operation was facing bit difficulties.
However, notwithstanding with such obstacle, the rescue team is working in an
emergency-like situation. Special arrangements for light has been made. Minister
Firhad Hakim is monitoring the operation from the spot.