Hello Pakistan, This Is Not How You Treat A Soldier


Saheli Dey, Kolkata: The demands for an immediate surgical strike have picked up pace in the country, following the startling and shocking reports of the Pakistan Army mutilating 2 Indian soldiers along the Line of Control. Calls for revenge have been the talk of the social-media ‘town’, with people demanding stronger actions against Pakistan.

We are enough prepared to meet any threats from any country leave aside Pakistan which is in a failed state. Our army is highly professional but there was a soft government in the centre. Moral of Indian citizens became very low during recent attack by terrorist or Pakistani nurtured extremists. But do the thoughts of our young generations reflect the thoughts of the government?

The demand for a strict foreign policy is what the Y-Gen wants, as it does get reflected in the words of Rima. She believes that the Gandhian principle of turning the other side

Rima Das, The Retail Jeweller India Magazine

of your face to the one, who has slapped you, is something which she is against. She thinks so because this approach has never worked for India. She does not even promote the thought of butchering the Pakistan soldiers, because that would be savage. She strongly wants the Indian government to send out strict warnings and if required veer into the Pak land and shake off their audacity. She comments, “It’s only possible for the pseudo intellectual Indian government to hold back the terrorist like Kasab on Human Right grounds. Pakistan needs to know that India won’t be a mute spectator when they butcher our men”

Due to the

Debarati Roy Chowdhury, Rani Birla Girls’ College, 2nd Year

worsening political scenario in the country, terrorist and terrorist activities have increased to its height. There were more killings of our Army men in the Border, The Morals of our people and Army was low. But Debarati stands by our Army as she praises them for having well-equipped strategies to strike back. She says, “The Indian army is well equipped with their strategies and ammunitions. I think they know how to deal with this.” Condemning the act by Pakistan she said that Pakistan’s ‘wrong’ act reflects the regressive mentality of the Army. She pointed out that what Pakistan did was against the International laws. She suggested that we, being the Indian citizens, need to keep pace and maintain order because in the time of external conflict, a stable internal condition is a necessity.

In a telephonic conversation with Suchismita Roy, we, Kolkata 24×7, got to know that she immediately recommends the necessity of an immediate surgical strike. She wants the repetition of the September 29 2016’s surgical strike on Pakistan’s terror launch pads. The surprise attack was conducted by 30 Indian commandos armed with Kalashnik

Suchismita Roy, Bhawanipore Gujarati Education Society, 2nd Year

ovs, Tavors, rocket-propelled guns and thermobaric weapons for a rare military insertion to ambush terror assets on the rugged Himalayan terrain of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. She wants the present situation to go latent and wants a surprise attack on Pakistan resulting in the mutilation of as many bodies as possible. She strongly says, “I think India should let go off this issue immediately and prepare for another surgical strike.”

Tamajit, a young businessman from Kolkata lashed out at the Pakistan Army. He qu

Tamajit Sahu Businessman

estioned whether the ISIS was behind influencing the Pakistan Army of carrying out this ‘deadly’ attack. He said, “Pakistan does not have their own principles, neither do they have any power to run their country. If they do not rectify their mistakes yet, India will answer them back surely. The diplomats are running their country with well-thought out plans. Let them go out in the fields, let them as the families of those martyred by them, or else let them ask the entire nation that what do they want? They will get their answer.”

Sarmistha De, Presidency University Secretary to Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

“We must stand for the wrong they did. This is not how you treat a soldier, be he/she of any nation,” says Sarmistha. She did not opt for the mutilation of the Pak soldiers’ bodies because an eye for an eye leaves all blind. She says that forgetting the laws are not good but yet there are things which can be still done. An optimist Sarmistha does not prefer a ‘hide and strike’. She wants the nation to cease all help to Pakistan. ‘Not a surgical strike but a counter attack should not be hidden. A diplomatic way out might be the solution, such as raising this issue once again in the UN., as she tries to solve this never-ending issue. She harshly criticizes Pak’s atrocities on Indian soldiers and says that ‘the same thing cannot keep happening again and again. It is both wastage of money and life. World politics is complicated and difficult, but that cannot lead to the re-occurrence of the same old thing.

One thing is clear, Pakistan needs to draw proper harmless policies or will soon feel the blow of India politically or surgically. Why would you fear someone who is actually afraid to die but claims otherwise by sending a brainwashed suicide squad every time. India has realized Pakistan will not go for nukes since even China wouldn’t let it do so as China would lose billions of investment in CPEC. Let this bloodshed stop. Stop making widows. Make friends PAKISTAN.