Height Bar Breaks In Dunlop Bridge, Small Vehicles Banned From Entering


Kolkata: Traffic was completely disrupted in Dunlop area on Saturday after the height bar of the Dunlop bridge broke.

The height bar was installed in the bridge few days ago to stop big vehicles from entering. But ist broke in the wee hours of Saturday morning after which the entry of small vehicles was also closed.

It is still unclear whether the height bar broke due to the ramming of any big vehicle against it. The police rushed to the spot soon after the incident and tried normalising the traffic there.

The Dunlop bridge was started in 2012. The PWD department started examining the health condition of all the bridges in the city soon after the Majherhat bridge collapsed in September this year. It was detected in this test that the bearings which holds the girders above the pillers of the Dunlop bridge had problem in them. Some bearings got moved from their original place too. The engineers had foretold that if the repairs were not done immediately, then it could lead to a major accident.

Soon after this, the police closed down the entry of big vehicles and bus. After Saturday’s incident, the entry of small vehicles have been banned from entering the bridge too.

Huge number of goods vehicles enters the city via Dunlop from Dakshineshwar. This bridge plays an important communicating role between Dunlop and Dakshineshwar.

Since the big vehicles were banned from entering the bridge, it led to traffic problems below the bridge. The Saturday incident will led to more problems in the traffic.