Heavy Traffic Movement Banned On Farakka Bridge


Kolkata: The state government will begin renovation works of the Farakka bridge from October this year.

Addressing a press conference, state transport minister Subhendu Adhikari made this
announcement on Tuesday. The Farakka bridge is the only communicating bridge between
the north and south Bengal.

To carry out the renovation works smoothly, there will be restrictions in the traffic movement on this important bridge.  According to the transport minister, heavy traffic movement remains banned on this bridge from November for renovation. Since this barrage is under the central government, hence its permission will be sought. The estimated expense is 10 crore 76 lakhs of rupees, as per general manager of Farakka bridge Shaibal Ghosh.

This bridge of national importance lies over river Ganga in between Malda and
Murshidabad. It maintains the communication between North India. Everyday, hundreds
of passengers and goods trains use this bridge. Lakhs of small and big vehicles
also use this bridge.

According to sources, the vehicles weighing more that 16 tonne might be banned. He
has also assured that there will arise no problem in the plying of goods vehicles
in south Bengal-north Bengal and Nepal-Bhutan. He also informed that the Centre has
given their green nod. This is the first renovation of the Farakka bridge after it
was set-up.

In 2012, 3,000 vehicles used to use this bridge. Now it has increased to 10,000.
The railway lines is just beside. The administration have assured that during the
period of renovation, there will not be any effect on the running of trains.

The condition of the Farakka bridge was not good for several days. Cracks have come
up in different parts of the bridge. This have caused a big problem for the movement of vehicles on the bridge. The locals have alleged that poor road conditions have lead to regular traffic problems in NH-34.

According to sources, the renovation work will be completed within six months.