Heavy Rush On The 1st Day Of This Festive Season


Kolkata: On Panchami, Pandal-hoppers geared up for visit from one end to the other. On the other hand, Monday was the last day of office for state government employees. As a result, there was heavy rush on almost all major thoroughfares mainly in the central part of the city when the office-goers were returning home.

The traffic movement in some parts had slowed down in the evening as both pandal-hoppers and office-goers gathered at the same time at important intersections to board vehicles to reach their respective destinations. The police have managed the situation quite well, ensuring that the vehicles keep moving.

Additional policemen have already been deployed from Chaturthi onwards for both crowd and traffic management during the Durga Puja. Senior police officers were also on the roads to control the situation so that commoners do not face any sort of inconvenience. The police have not allowed pedestrians to walk on the roads that could lead to traffic congestion. Unlike other time of the year, everyone has to cross the road from an identified area at intersections.

With huge pressure on traffic on the last day of most offices and at the same time when lakhs of pandal-hoppers are already on the roads, the Kolkata Police have managed to keep vehicles moving to avoid major traffic congestion on important thoroughfares in the city.