Heavy Downpour With Thunderstorm Brings Relief From Humidity


Kolkata: The monsoon rain re-entered in Kolkata and South Bengal after June 23rd as it promised. Heavy rain with dense dark sky lashes out in Kolkata and most of the part of South Bengal.

The mercury has downed far from the previous. The monsoon rain will last for entire Monday. The Met office Alipore had already informed that seasonal wind will be active in next two to three days.

Reportedly, the seasonal wind became steady after June 12. North monsoon line has entered the state from Odisha and covered South Bengal and parts of North Bengal which has extended till Bagdogra. On the other hand heavy depression has covered widen area. So the possibility of rain is high, says met office.

Officially monsoon has entered in South Bengal on June 11. Rain has been scattered after those days. North Bengal is witnessing rain so after that. But moisture in air increased the layer of humidity which caused the mercury increasingly up and raised the discomfort in air. North Bengal is witnessing heavy rain but South Bengal felt the scorching heat due to excessive moisture.

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