Heaviest 5.5 kg Kidney Tumour Remove, Guinness World Record


Mumbai: The Guinness World Records recently registered a new record. Doctors of a Mumbai Hospital have set this new world record by removing the heaviest kidney tumour weighing 5.5 kg.

The operation was carried out in November 2016 but, the feat of the Sion Hospital doctors has been confirmed by The Guinness World Records recently.

The team of doctors, led by head of urology Dr Ajit Sawant, successfully operated on Manju Devi who complained of an “abdominal lump”. The 28-year-old woman from Darbhanga district of Bihar had been living with pain for three years.

A statement released by the Sion Hospital states that the woman had persistent pain on the right side and was passing urine in blood. It further read that the tumour – 31 cm by 19 cm – was compressing the liver and pushing the intestines, vessels and the pancreas to the left half of the abdomen. The statement also informed that the woman had been referred to multiple hospitals over past three years but was deferred due to the size of the tumour.

The tumour was removed during an eight-hour long surgery performed by Dr Sawant, Dr Prakash Pawar and uroanesthetists Dr Geeta Patkar and Dr Aparna Nerulkar. The patient is back to leading a normal life.