Death toll rises as the mercury soars high

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New Delhi: In Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, deaths due to sun stroke continue to scale following 218 more deaths registered in the two states.

Despite a slight dip in the mercury levels on Wednesday, heat wave conditions still prevailed. As a result, a large number of people became victims of sun stroke, taking the toll to 1,345 in these states. Meanwhile, Met officials have warned of heat wave conditions for next few days in the two states.

While District authorities are asking people to remain in doors as a precautionary measure, Andhra Pradesh Police department has opened water distribution centres at all police station limits.

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Severe heat prevailed in various parts of the country. Agra had recorded a maximum of 46 degree celsius while Churu in Rajasthan had recorded 43.5. Hissar of Haryana recorded 44 degree celsius while Patiala in Punjab recorded a maximum of 42.4.

Source: DD News