Heart Touching: Class 5 Boy Found Begging For Treatment


Kanyakumari: It is a story of class 5 boy. Yes, the story of heart touching. Can you imagine a class 5 boy found on the street, begging for treatment of his broken arm? At first all are passing him but after sometimes People calls the cop to help the boy.

After that, the boy told the cops that his name was Giri and he was a 5th standard student in a government school at Parvathipuram. Giri said his father died shortly after he was born and his mother had to beg to survive. However, she had somehow managed to admit him to a school, India Today reports.

Three days ago, Giri hurt himself while playing in the school ground and was taken to Asaripallam Medical College. Giri was advised to take rest for some time and his mother allegedly asked him to beg to pay for treatment.

Cops then informed District Child Protection Office, which promised Giri’s mother that it would pay for the medical bills and his education. They wanted her word in return that she would not let him beg. Giri’s mother promised the same upon which the child was returned back to her.