‘Heart Goes To Those Turned Illegal In Their Own Country Due To NRC List’

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Kolkata: On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took to twitter on Sunday to express her respect towards human right as one of the basic tenets of Indian constitution. As well as, her heart goes out to the 40 lakh people who have become refugees in their own country because of National Registers of Citizen in Assam.

The second draft of Assam NRC list which came out on July 30 has been eliminated fourty lakh people. Bharatiya Janata Party including Centre and Assam Govt have been alleged for their politically egoistic intervention in Assam NRC issue.

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Mamata Banerjee has been vocal soon after the declaration ANRC list. She has been attacking Central Government on several issue for their politically propagated intervention. Repeatedly she talked about the endangered condition of the bengalis living in Assam. A delegate team went to supervise the condition going in Assam. But they failed to get a close look on the condition as many unpleasant incidents at Guwahati International Airport.

নিজের দেশেই যারা ‘শরণার্থী, তাঁদের জন্য মন কাঁদছে মমতার

The CM in her Tweet stated that, “Today is World Humanitarian Day. Respecting human rights is one of the basic tenets of our Constitution. On this day, my heart goes out to the 40 lakh people who have become refugees in their own country because of #NRCAssam.”

She held a meeting at Nabanna regarding the Assam National Registers of Citizen matter. She was also active on Twitter where she wrote, “38 lakh among the 40 lakh people who have been excluded from the NRC list are bengali as their mother language is Bengali. She has specified that 38 lakh 25 lakh people are Hindu Bengali and rest of the 13 lakh are Muslim.”

To support her statement she has provided voter list made before 1971 where many registered have got eliminated from the NRC list. Many other documents have came in light regarding this.