Heart Broken Katzu to Leave FB Forever!


New Delhi: Visibly heartbroken Former Supreme Court Judge and Ex-Chairman of Press Council of India Markandey Katju took to Facebook to express his disappointment and said that his attempt to illuminate the masses has failed utterly and so he is leaving Facebeek forever.

In his post Katju wrote, “Probably this is going to be my last facebook post.
I am a man of 70, and have very few years more to live..
I tried to pass on all my knowlege I acquired in my life to you, so that you may benefit. This knowledge I acquired from my gurus, before whom I stood with folded hands for decades before they gave me that knowledge.
But what did I get in return ? I got mostly abuses from most of you, because most of you are stupid and arrogant, and have no desire to learn.
I am sorry I even tried to teach you.
So, goodbye

This move of Katju came after he faced severe criticism and wide spread outlash for calling the Republic Day celebration a joke. Katju in one of his post has said that as poverty and unemployment is haunting India, it is only a joke to spend crores and celebrate events like Republic Day and Independence Day when poverty is rampant, and unemployment is widespread.