Health Dept To Introduce Toll-Free Number


Kolkata: The Bengal Government’s Health Department is going to start a toll-free number where patients can register issues they may have had regarding any aspect of state-run hospitals.

The number is 104. It will be operational 24-hours-a-day every day. The mechanism has been developed as a part of the Public Grievance Monitoring System (PGMS).

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According to sources, the number would be manned by personnel who would note down all complaints on computers, which would then be passed on to departments of the Swasthya Bhavan, depending on the nature of the complaints.

This mechanism would ensure accountability of doctors and health workers, so that quality treatment is delivered to patients in all state-run hospitals, even those in far-off areas. The adherence to quality by all would in turn minimize incidents of transfer of patients from one government hospital to the other, both in the city and the districts.