‘Healing Waters Floating Lamps’- The new gift by Kiriti


Kolkata: Moments Publication and Aarcee Enterprises launched the book Healing Waters Floating Lamps, an anthology of poetry penned by the bestselling author and poet Kiriti Sengupta. The formal release of the book was followed by a panel discussion with Writer and Critic Anjum Katyal, Poet Sharmila Ray, Author and Academician Saikat Majumdar, and the author of the book. The engaging conversation threw light on many interesting insights of life, which are otherwise lost in the humdrums of everyday living. The discussion was moderated by Saira Shah Halim, a corporate trainer and communication consultant.

The verses in the book are different, would encourage a reader to explore and derive the meanings which seem most suitable to an individual. The philosophical collection has been complimented by photographs that make it vibrant and lively. The book was released on Amazon on March 15, 2015 and has already been declared a bestselling title on Amazon [United States] and it has scored number one under “Hot New Releases” in Indian Literature.

Kiriti has bestselling books like My Glass Of Wine and The Reverse Tree to his credit.

“Poetry is a wonderful medium to reach out to not only the literature lovers but beyond that, to reach out to spirituality. I have definitely made an effort to be different with this book by inclining myself towards our daily mundane experiences and their baffling paradoxes and cruel ironies.” said Kiriti Sengupta during the book launch. He further added, “Through these verses, I have made an effort to take my readers on a step by step journey of looking beyond the regular obvious experiences of life.”

Article By: Siddhartha Sarkar