Headmaster locked up in chamber by teachers


Nadia: Pandemonium broke out at Nawpara Rupdaha High School in Nadia district on Friday. The teachers have been alleged to lock the headmaster inside his chamber and ransack his car, police said. A police force rescued headmaster Hiran Thomas Mondal, who was locked inside his chamber by some students and teachers for less than an hour on charges of misappropriating school funds and misbehaviour with students and teachers, police said.The teaching staff and students claimed that the demonstration was the last resort after they frequently pled to the headmaster to submit the audited account of the spent school fund money to the managing committee, police said.

Manajat Ali Biswas, President of Nawpara Rupdaha High School said, "We have submitted written complaints to Education Minister, BDO and SDO against the head master about the alleged embezzlement."  Alleging the co-educational school, with 3,500 students, doesn't have enough toilets, Biswas said despite frequent reminders, the headmaster refused to address the issue.

A lady teacher Malabika Mukherjee, one of the demonstrators, alleged the headmaster resurfaced after being absent for two months and as he was trying to escape with some important documents in his car, the teachers and students intercepted and led him to his chamber. Thomas Mondal, however, turned down the charges and claimed the teachers were trying to frame him by instigating students as he had tried to discipline the inordinately late coming staff.