HC Summons CP Over 2012 Drug Case Failure


Kolkata:   Calcutta High Court on Thursday slammed Kolkata Police and summoned CP Rajeev Kumar for their failure to handle a case involving narcotics crime.  The high court has also ordered Police Commissioner to present personally in front of the judiciary on 15th July.

Earlier,  Justice Siddhartha Chatterjee has directed the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) to take steps against  Sadhan Mondal, the investigating officer of a case relating narcotics trafficking within 24 hours and to file a compliance report.

According to Justice Chatterjee, the police have no idea about how to handle the cases related to narcotics and drugs. In his opinion, the Kolkata Police fails to conduct a proper probe in most cases related to narcotics. As a result, in several cases the accused got bail and went back to underworld. He said, “What I am saying is from my experience.”

In 2012, the narcotics department of Kolkata Police had raided a den where revellers were allegedly taking hashish, opium, cocaine and other narcotics.

A mysterious man named Melvin Smith was arrested there. After investigation, the police had got the names of some drug peddlers. And a man named Vijay Mahato was a local kingpin. Thus Smith confessed to the investigators.

Mahato was picked up then. But he had managed to get bail because the police raid in his shelter failed to yield any incriminating evidence. Justice Chatterjee lambasts the police, how the accused could slip out of the net. In his opinion, the police had to be more cautious. Because, after Melvin’s confession, the accused had cleared up the incriminating evidence cleverly.  So the police operation became a damp squib.