HC Permits Uttarpara Bhadrakali Friends Club To Perform Puja


Kolkata: Expelled members of Hoogly Uttarpara’s Friend club has been accused of conspiring and trying to stop the club’s Bhadra Kali puja. Seeking for justice, a PIL was filed and the case later moved to the High Court, which finally gave permission to carry on with their puja this year.

The 56-year old Friends club takes the initiative to perform Kali Puja every year. But this year, it became uncertain since the beginning. The puja organisers have held some expelled members responsible for the uncertainty. The puja mandap has been set-up which covers the entire road, thereby causing problem to the pedestrians and locals. For this reason, one of the expelled members filed a PIL requesting for shutting down the puja. Although, the Uttarpara-Kotrang municipality already gave permission to the club before.

The hearing was under Justice Debanshu Basak’s division bench. After the HC’s verdict, Uttarpara Bhadrakali Friends club president Mridul Rage said, “This puja is an emotion of the people. For 56 years, 12-hand Kali is being made. Some selfish and corrupt people wanted to stop the puja. It is clear after the verdict that we did not do anything unlawful.”