HC Orders Safe Return Of Sunderban BJP Activist To His Home


Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court has directed the BJP leader and his family to return to their home in Sunderban. Since the Panchayat election the BJP leader was on exile. Requesting to return back to his native place in Sunderban, he pleaded in Calcutta High Court. On Saturday after hearing the statements of all the parties the court directed the police to help the BJP leader to return back to his home under tight security.

Sukhdev Mondal is a BJP activist from the village of Dalian which is under Sunderban coastal police station. Since the Panchayat polls,he was being allegedly pressurized to join TMC.As he did not join the TMC, he was confined in the party office.After complaining abot this incident to the police, the police allegedly said to go for mutual settlement.
After the Panchayat polls the local TMC activists and supporters allegedly attacked the house and shop of Mondal. Since then, he and his family was on exile.Earlier, they twice tried to return to their house but didn’t get any cooperation from the police.Not getting any help from the police Mondal on 2nd June appealed in Calcutta High Court and requested for his early return to his home.

During the proceeding session in the court, Mondal’s lawyer Indrajit Chowdhury said the fundamental duty of the state is to protect it’s people. And,when it fails to perform it’s duty common man has to knock the court’s door.He can not return to his home due to some miscreants. Additional Advocate General of the state, Abhratosh Majumdar, confirms that the administration will provide security for his livelihood.The officers of the Sunderban coastal police station have been directed to bring Sukhdev Mondal and his family members back home safely under tight security.