HC Lashes State Over Irregularities In Civic Police Recruitment


Kolkata: Justice Sanjib Banerjee of Calcutta High Court lashed out at the state on Monday over irregularities in civic police recruitment.

Justice Sanjib Banerjee on Monday said that a total of 875 interviews were taken in a day in order to recruit civic police. He raised questions that how could 875 interviews be taken in one day when there are 1440 minutes in a day. Justice Banerjee even asked for the names of the judges in the panel who conducted the interview. He would refer their names to the HC to become judges. As a result, all the pending cases would be solved immediately.

Justice Banerjee has asked for the register book to be submitted to him by the next day, that is, Tuesday. He wants the book immediately or else he suspects that important information would be tampered with if any delay is done in the matter.

Justice Banerjee on April 29 had stayed the recruitment process of civic police volunteers. Justice Banerjee asked the Home Department to file a detailed affidavit by 9 May regarding the procedure adopted for recruitment of such volunteers in 2013.

Petitioners from Bankura had filed a case in Calcutta High Court in April stating that there had been irregularities in the recruitment process of civic police volunteers.

The petitioners had alleged that the candidates recruited for civic police volunteers in 2013 had been selected through interview only and no written examination had been conducted. As many as 5001 candidates were selected from Bankura, among a total of 1,30,000 candidates selected from all over Bengal.

Advocate Sudipto Dasgupta, counsel for the petitioners had even submitted, “The recruitment process of the civic police volunteers was not done following proper procedure. We appeal that the recruitment of the candidates be done following the proper procedure.” The state counsel also submitted that the recruitment process had been conducted through an interview process only. After hearing both the sides, Justice Banerjee observed “Prima facie it can be understood that this could have led to a big scam.”