HC Lashes Govt Over Councillor’s Kidnapping


Kolkata: The High Court lashed out at the State Government on Tuesday for its role in the Kandi councillor’s kidnapping case.

Justice Jalmalya Bagchi was furious over the state’s sloth-like approach in the probe of the kidnapping case of Debajyati Roy, the councilor of Kandi. He said that are all the responsibilities over by just proving one notice. Justice Jagmalya Bagchi has even summoned the OC of Kandi Police Station and the other officers related to this investigation on August 30 Orders have been given for the speedy enquiry of the accused persons.

Debojyoti Roy went missing since several days until he was rescued on February. He had complained that he was kidnapped for not having joined the ruling party. He also said that, for this he was first given the option to tour Goa. Then he was tempted with the Hen hatchery as he rejected the previous offer. On rejecting that too, he was threatened. But as per Justice Bagchi, the Kandi police station did not take any proper action. He asked why the accused have not been questioned yet.