Haven’t Received Official Information: Govt On Chinese Transgression


Dehradun: After reports emerged that the Chinese troops had entered Uttarakhand on July 25th, the Uttarakhand Government has said that it has not received any official information as yet.

Madan Kaushik, a spokesperson for the Uttarakhand government said that they had watched the report on TV but they had not received any official information on the issue.

“We haven’t received any official information as yet. The stationed security forces have not given us any information nor has the district magistrate” he said. Kaushik also said that they’ve ordered further probe into the matter.

Earlier, on July 25, in a fresh case of transgression, the People’s Liberation Army from China crossed into Uttarakhand’s Barahoti in Chamoli district and came upto 200 metres on the other side of the border. Sources say that, the soldiers came up to 800m to 1 km into Indian Territory.

This incident comes amid severe tensions between India and China resulting from the Doklam standoff. In the past, Chinese troops have been known to cross over and write ‘China’ on rocks in the Chamoli district. This area has also seen aerial transgressions and infiltration by foot patrols in 2013 and 2014.

The present standoff between India and China emerged after New Delhi expressed its apprehension over Beijing’s road construction in the Sikkim sector of the border.

Consequently, China suspended the annual Kailash Manasarovar yatra and conceded that the decision to suspend the pilgrimage was due to the border scuffle.