Hasin Jahan Accuses Mohammed Shami Of Age-Fudging


Kolkata: Hasin Jahan accuses Mohammed Shami of age-fudging, shares image of his driving license. Hasin Jahan took another ugly turn on Saturday as she accused him of being a beneficiary of age-fudging.

Hasin Jahan claimed that Shami had created a fake birth certificate in order to earn the place in the Under-22 team of Bengal in the past. On Saturday, Jahan posted the image of Shami’s driving license on Facebook, claiming his date of birth had been fudged up.

In the image, it could be seen that his birth date is of 1982. The current age of the bowler is 28 which she reckons to be fake. She further believed that her husband has been keeping BCCI and the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) in the dark all these years by producing a fake birth certificate.

Hasin Jahan had also levelled match-fixing charges against the fast bowler stating he was meeting a Pakistani woman in Dubai and taking money from her sent by a UK based businessman, ‘Mohammad Bhai’.