Haryana Agri Minister terms farmers committing suicide as Cowards and Criminals


Chandigarh: Haryana agriculture minister and BJP leader OP Dhankar triggered a controversy by describing farmers who commit suicide as cowards and criminals not worthy of help from the government.

The minister’s statement has come at a time when farmer suicides have caught national attention. Few days ago, Gajender Singh, a farmer from Rajasthan had committed suicide in an AAP rally.

Dhankar said farmers were running away from their responsibilities and leaving their families and children with liabilities by committing suicide.

Speaking to reporters, Dhankar said, “A person who commits suicide runs away from his responsibilities, and Haryana government will not help families of such (farmers) cowards or criminals​

Denying that any farmer have committed suicide in the state, Dhankar said the farmers of Haryana were tough and courageous and would not end their lives because of crop damage.

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