Harka Bahadur To Announce New Party in Kalimpong


Siliguri: Harka Bahadur has said that he will officially announce his new party on 10th January, said sources.

There were rumors about what Harka Bahadur is about to do after leaving Janmukti Morcha. Some thought he will join Trinamool and some thought he will create a new party. as the later speculations came out true, Harka Bahadur is slated to announce his new party on January 10.

According to Political world the new party will make matters worse in the hills. Regarding his announcement on new party, Harka Bahadur Chetri has said, the name of the party hasn’t been decided. Everything will be announced on Jan 10.

Commenting on the Morcha he said, “Morcha is a one man party”. They have failed in developing the hills. All the problems are as it is as it was before. A new school hasn’t been created. But we won’t be one man Army. We are a group and bring development in the hills. He also said, our party will see to the basic needs of the hilly people. We won’t do politics by saying big big words.