Haridevpur Shocker Suddenly Became Centre Of Attention


Kolkata: Haridevpur suddenly became the centre of attention when news spread about the recovery of “14 decomposed foetuses” from a construction site at Raja Ram Mohon Sarani of Haridevpur police station area.

রহস্যের গন্ধে এখনও চলছে টিনের ফাঁকে উঁকিঝুঁকি উৎসাহী মানুষের

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Curious locals rushed to the spot to have a glimpse of the packets as rumours spread like wildfire. Nearly a day have passed. Police have already informed that after thorough inspection by doctors at the MR Bangur hospital, not a single foetus has been found in the packets recovered from Haridevpur.

Many person has been seen roaming in this area since Monday morning. Many try to enter the field. Site workers blocked them to enter inside.

A woman said that since the incident happened, we do not sleep properly. I have been in this neighborhood for 25 years since marriage. This type of incident has never happened before.
Major confusion prevailed in Kolkata on Sunday as 14 plastic bags containing what has been described as “medical waste” were found on the southern edge of the city. The police said that an investigation has been initiated.

According to reports, no human tissue has been found in the packets when it was opened by the doctors. Some dry ice were found. Examination is on for the exact nature of the material.

Chaos had broke out at Haridevpur police station area after several skeletons were recovered on Sunday afternoon, as reported earlier. A huge police force was rushed to the spot.

As per earlier reports, 14 skeletons of newly-born babies were found when locals were cleaning the jungle. They informed the local Councillor, who immediately informed the police.
Mayor Sovan Chatterjee rushed to the area after hearing the news. The police commissioner also rushed to the area. The skeletons were found wrapped in plastic- bags.

Reported By- Soyeta Bhattacharya

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee